Wyze Plug failure, and not attempting to reconnect after lengthy internet outage

I reached out to Wyze support today after an extended Internet outage took all my Wyze plugs off line until the individual plugs were power cycled.

As per the support folks, after some indeterminate time, (longer than 45 minutes, that’s how long my Internet was out), the Wyze plugs cease attempting to reconnect, and remain in whatever state they were in when the Internet failed. It seems only a power cycle will return them to normal service.

This makes them useless for vacation use, as they can not be trusted to follow schedules in the event of an Internet failure… I suggested that the time out be removed, and the check interval be lengthened… The support person suggested I put that here… So here it is… I guess you all get to vote on it now…

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I have moved this topic to #ask-the-community for now so we can get confirmation that the plugs are not supposed to reconnect after a 45 minute outage. I’m not sure that’s correct.


Sounds good to me… It does seem odd that neither plug reconnected… Sounds good, and thanks, love teh products you all provide!

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That certainly seems like an odd and unneeded limit if what the support person told you is true – 45 minutes. If it exists, I certainly question the legitimacy of it being there, and vote for it to be removed.

That said, I did just shut down WiFi at my router for 12 hours this week to test the ability of the cams to keep recording to SD card during that time, and to see if they would automatically reconnect after. They did, and they did. I never noticed any issue with my Plugs, so I assume they did too.

I am using a Netgear R6400 router.

I had my internet down for 4 hours, and my Wyze Devices came back online, Because it was the internet that was down not my router, the devices remained connected to my wireless router just with no internet connection and came back online once the internet was restored. downed internet does not remove any home networking settings, my router supplies the Wyze devices along with other items in my home with the generic IP address of 192.168.0.* Unless Wyze has a parameter set to " if not connected to the internet to disconnected from the wireless router after x amount of time with no connectivity"

Edit: I’m not sure if there are routers out there that remove wireless devices from itself if no internet connection is available

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I looked into this and Wyze Plugs attempt to reconnect in a Fibonacci sequence. They don’t stop trying to connect but it takes longer for each attempt to be made after it fails. May I please have your support ticket number, @camera2? I would like to read through it. :slight_smile:


maybe I’m thinking too simple but it seems like the power coming back on would technically be a power cycle in itself wouldn’t it?

can I ask, if you happened to have been told, why that decision was made that way? I don’t know if that is a common thing among ITO things or not, just curious as to the reasoning behind it. (i’m a huge science nerd so implementation of something like this is fascinating)


I’m sorry, I don’t have that info. -shrugs- Good questions, though!