Wyze pan v2 giving error code 27 then 90

You see many people are having this issue and if they are having this issue it’s due to wifi interference. That’s why resetting will sometimes get it running for a couple minutes but you’ll still have that interference. Notice all the overlapping between the 11 wifi channels. In order to permanently solve this issue you must follow these steps.

  1. get online and log into your router. I reach mine through typing and default log in is

User : admin

Password : password

  1. once you’ve logged into your router select the 2.4 wifi and it’s options will come up.

  2. on there you’ll see the option channels and by default it’s set to automatic to find the best channel however there are only 3 what’s referred to as clean channels (note the attachment here, see how there is no overlap between channel 1,6, and 11? That’s why they’re referred to as clean channels

  3. simply switch it from automatic to whichever of those three channels and the issue will permanently go away.