Wyze Pan Cam V3 Constantly Freezes up with distorted image and becomes in operable

1 of my Cam Pan V3 cameras recently started freezing up and the image becomes distorted when attempting to do a live view on the app. Also I have pan scan disabled but the camera will still move despite the fact no movement is detected.

I have tried restarting the camera and it still does not work. It is on the same network as my other cameras and 20 feet from my router with no obstructions. The app is up to date. I have turned the camera off and on. Nothing works.

Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Clear Cache from within the App. This is located in Account, App Settings, Clear Cache
  2. Shut Down the app by Swiping up and ensuring it has been removed. Then Long Press the App and select App Info. Do a Force Stop, then go to Storage and Cache and Clear Cache from there.
  3. Restart your Phone or Tablet and then try again.

Note: if you have an SD Card, you may want to try and format it as well.

Another item to try:

Go to Live Stream the Camera, select Settings, go to Advanced, followed by Motor Controls. Select Reset. This will cycle the motor to make sure the positioning is setup again.

Verify that the cam is getting enough power. The PanV3 is highly sensitive to power loss and will not act normally when it isn’t getting enough power. Long USB extensions or using a Power Adapter that isn’t 2 Amp may cause this.

Go to the Account Tab, App Settings, and enable the Hardware Decoder.

If you have Track Motion enabled, it may still be detecting very minute movement and trying to center to focus on that spot.

If you have a Detection Zone set, that will be the default Home FOV. If the cam moves, it will try to move back to that Home FOV.

Make sure your Firmware is up to date.

Thanks Slabslayer. It is getting enough power. Using the USB Cord it came with. Tracking motion is disabled. There is no detection zone. Firmware is up to date.

Thanks, I completed all your steps and still getting the same issue. When I select the camera for live view the video gets all distorted. If keep the video live it will keep cycling loading video stream like the connection is bad despite the camera being less than 20ft from the router with no obstructions. Eventually the camera will pan straight up like it is in off mode despite the fact I have Pan Scan disabled.

Have you tried removing the camera and going through the setup process again?

I am currently running the Beta App and have the following Firmware loaded on the camera:

Also, I see you are using an Android Device, can you let us know what device you are seeing this on? If you have another Android or iOS device you can test on, it would be interesting to know if it happens on those as well.

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I figured out a solution. I changed the live video to SD from HD and it works fine. Not sure why the video quality must be lower since the camera is the same distance from my router than the other cameras. But atleast my problem is solved. Thanks

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Did you enable the Hardware Decoder within the App Settings as suggested? Did this make any difference?

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I just played with it turning it off and one and it does appear to improve video performance so I am keeping it on. Thank you!

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Test it with the HD to see if it will hold the stream.

What it sounds like is that your phone or your network is having some issues with the bandwith needed to stream in HD.

The App has its own Software Decoder to render the video in the viewer. But if it struggles, sometimes shifting the video decoding responsibility to the Phone GPU helps it decode and render faster so it doesn’t lock and drag.

It isn’t a magic bullet though. If the transfer bandwith is poor, like when you are on Cellular Data, it still won’t help. It is usually better on good WiFi though.

Having Hardware Decoder on definitely has made a difference with HD video. I have 3 cameras on a ranch barn connected to a T-Mobile Hot Spot. The camera I started to have problems with has been connected to this hotspot for a a few months with no problems till recently . Thanks for all your help SlabSlayer. You are a Wyze Jedi Master!

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You’re welcome! It most likely coincided with an app update that may have changed the way the video was being handled on the stream.