Wyze Pan CAM constantly rebooting

I have a Wyze Pan Cam that has started to constantly reboot. Once it is up, the blue light will stay solid for about 30 seconds and then it will reboot and start the process all over. This Pan Cam does have a bridge plugged in, also at the lasted firmware level as well. No changes to the Cam Pan. This started about 3 days ago. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks as always.


It might be caused by a dodgy power supply. Marginal output voltage could trigger a reboot. If you have another USB power supply available, preferably rated at 2A (10 watts) or better, give it a try.

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Definitely do not recommend using a bridge in a Pan cam.

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The Pan Cams are not my favorite due to all the issues I have had with them. I swapped power cable and that USB adapter with a working V2 Cam but it made no difference. I pulled the bridge out as well but again no difference. It stays up for no more than 30 seconds and then goes through the reboot cycle again. :frowning:

Open to other suggestions.

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Something crazy simple… But I’ve had issue where if the microusb cable itself is not situated tight enough into the camera, that would be enough to cause it to have an issue with it going on/off…

Are you using the original usb power cord or is it a generic microusb cable?

I replaced the cord and pulled that micro USB cord out and reinserted the new one. The cord I was using was not OEM but the cord I replaced it with was the original cord from a working V2.

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I found the problem, I took the SD card out and it stayed up without rebooting. I put the SD card in the PC and it said it was corrupt. I allowed Windows to repair it and put it back into the Pan Cam. All seems well now. Hmmmmm … . I will continue to monitor but the problem seems to be resolved.


what kind of card are you using?

That is interesting, I second @Bam what kind of card is it? Also I would make sure that card is not defective, if the card has some sort of short on it it could ruin your cam, SD cards use 1.8v Low Volage or 3.3v (conventional), Most likely the Conventional in Wyze, but if it was me and after removing the card fixed my problem, i would not put it back in my cam.

Edit: although windows “fixed” the corruption on the disk that may not mean it fixed what is wrong with the card, it could have just relocated the memory to not use the part that is bad.


It is a Wyze card that I purchased from Wyze. All 15 of my cameras use Wyze 32 gb cards and I never had an issue with them in the past. I assume that something or some part became corrupted with a power outage or something. But these Pan Cams are finicky. Thanks for the advice. I will update with any changes.


I had the exact same issue! I couldn’t figure it out so I went through the support process and had a new one sent out but it did the exact same thing. It wasn’t until I pulled the SD card that both the new and old started working.

It’s a bit odd that a bad SD card would do that without any logging/indication that it was related, but I’m glad I’m not alone.

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This was discussed here:

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The reboots are totally random with these cameras. All I had on all 2 cameras are single reboots ( not stuck in constant reboot mode) during a period of times, sometimes reboots repeat at interval anywhere from half an hour to half a day to every so many days. The issue is absolutely random occurance. Note that reboots continue with or without SD card installed. All running latest firmware and all stock wiring including power supplies.

I have one that rotates fully counter clockwise and stays there until it is rebooted

2 others are fine

Welcome to the community, @Coco1. Sorry to hear about the issue with your Pan. This sounds like a replacement case.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. You can also submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. The latter method will allow you to include an app log for diagnosis.

I don’t want to bother them when the profit margins are so slim.

Power supply was my issue too. I’ve complained several times here along with many others about this problem with the Pancam continuously rebooting.

I went through all the suggestions here. Turned off Motion Tracking and Scan - still rebooted. Removed SD card - still rebooted. Was using a USB extension cord and removed that - still rebooted. Tried USB cord from one of my V2 cams - still rebooted.

Then saw the post here by kyphos about the power supply. Finally I grabbed a 3rd party 2.1A power supply I had. Was hesitant to try for fearing of overpowering the camera, but got to the point that I didn’t care anymore. If it blew it up, I’d just pitch it for good and forget about it. I got the 2.1A power replacement cube online in a 3-pack for $11 which is why I had a spare laying around.

But much to my pleasant surprise it actually powered up fine and has been stable ever since.

Replaced the original SD card in it now and still working great. Turn Scan feature back on and still stable.

So if you are struggling with this, just as kyphos said, try a 2A+ supply cube. Worked for me!

For those chasing the SD card corruption as a cause - personally I feel like it is still more likely a power issue which corrupts the card and ALSO reboots the camera. So if you format the card to get it working again, but still have issues with the card re-corrupting and rebooting again. It might be the power cube, not the SD card.

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Then how would you explain my issues with reboots, when reviewing footage, reboots always occurred on the starting of the next minute. There seems to be multiple issues with these cameras, some have power supply, some have SD cards corruption, mine is quite unique in sense that SD card is not corrupted, power supply can’t cause the reboot on the start of the next minute couple of seconds into it, as it does not know what time it is. Reboots also happen with or without SD card, ruling out card corruption.

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If a Pan Cam is “working better” after a stronger power supply is attached I would not say that my problem is solved,
When using a USB power supply that can supply for example up to 3 Amps is used, it doesn’t just push out 3 amps to the device,
The device itself requests the amount of power that it needs to complete its task or operate UP to the max amps that the USB power brick has to offer, If a stronger USB power brick “solves” your problem then there are other outlying problems within the camera that is causing a higher resistance and therefore needing more power to compensate for the same result.

So I would think twice before just adding a stronger power supply to your cams, because if its needing to Draw 3 amps (just an example) to achieve its operating power of 2 Amps the resistance build up will eventually burn out internal electronics and the cam will fail.

I have a pan cam. Sometimes it goes into reboot loop. Removing the micro-sd card often alleviates the problem, but sometimes it happens with no micro-sd card inserted. I noticed this morning that it began rebooting just after sunrise (camera facing east, sun was very bright this morning). Maybe it’s being caused by the camera being overloaded with light.