Pan Cam boot loop

I’ve had a pan cam running for years, it’s the first one I bought from Wyze. Every day at 5am the plug its on (now a Wyze plug) resets it via an Alexa routine. This fixes the ongoing issue with sensors connected to the bridge failing.
Today I hear the voice telling me that the cam is ready to connect. Go check it out and it’s stuck in a boot loop of initial on, spin to all axis, say “ready to connect”, then reset and repeat.
I’ve tried giving it a QR code which it accepted but it still resets.

Anyone else seen this behavior? Can I hard reset it? It’s mounted on a wall and it’ll be a task to get it down so I’m looking for soft options before I do that.

The issue could be from rebooting/stopping and starting power of the camera constantly. You might want to try a factory reset. If that doesn’t work I’d try flashing the firmware.
Hope this helps!

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You can reset it:: unplug camera power cord from camera wait about 15 seconds and then hold down the reset button on the bottom of the camera whilst plugging in the power cord

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That’s a factory reset.

Sure was. I pulled the cam, reset it, added it, gave it the same name, and it’s back to normal.
I think the issue may have been a recent firmware update. I’ll wait until I have time to mess with the rest of them before I try the update again.