Wyze outdoor take apart

So I have a Wyze outdoor from the preorder (with the adorable hat) which I love… but it had been watching our pond and despite the base being attached to a plank, a recalcitrant Opossum managed to knock it off the magnetic base and into the pond overnight and it was there for at least 8-12 hours.

Now it still works (which is amazing) but it does not want to turn off (the blue light is always on despite the switch position) and still records events… but the camera is blurry which I suspect is residual moisture. Yes, I left it to dry in rice and in the sun but no joy, I’m suspecting I may need to get a new one but is there any take apart guide for the Wyze outdoor to do it safely? I don’t want to damage the camera or the waterproofness (if that’s a word). I’ll note I will buy another if needed (and have several already) but it’s a nostalgia thing. I want it working again.

I couldn’t have been a Possum, we love cameras. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I mean yeah, those opossums are awesome and ours are great as well, but any ideas on take apart?

I don’t know how to take it apart but here are the gizzards:


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Oh my god, that is awesome! Thank you. I’m not sure it will help but it’s a major start. Thanks again.

This guy shows how to take apart a V3, maybe it will help ???

I am very interested in the refocusing of this Outdoor Wyze camera. It can be done quite easily with the V3. But I am unsure if this camera lens has threading like the others. Does anyone know?

Much appreciated.


My microusb port on the camera is damaged. 2 kids, so its possible one of them pulled the cord out incorrectly, and i have to re-seat it.

Any one have any updated info on how to disassemble the outdoor v1 ?