Wyze Outdoor Camera Will Not Sync or Hold Charge

This is 2 problems but most likely related. I realize this is a long post but I have tried everything to get this working again with no luck,

Battery Died & Will not hold charge. Camera will not connect or resync to base station
My Wyze Outdoor Camera recently died. The battery dropped from 25% to completely dead overnight. I took the following steps:

  • I plugged it into a 5v/2a USB charger via the provided Micro-USB cable.
  • Blinking red status light indicated it was charging
  • Let it charge overnight for about 6-8 hours

I checked the camera in the morning and there was no status light. I thought it would be solid red but wasn’t worried. Turned it back on. There was no status light and it was not connecting to the bridge. I turned it off for a few minutes and tried again. No status light and no connecting. I thought maybe it didn’t actually charge because the charger came loose overnight, charger wasn’t providing sufficient power (even though the camera requires a 5v charger with a minimum of 1.5a), bad cable, etc.
I plugged it into another USB charger with 3.3amp per port so ensure sufficient power and let it charge for several hours. This time, the red status light was solid.

I unplugged it and turned the camera back on. I waited a few minutes but the camera did not reconnect. I waited for another 30 minutes and it still was not connected. I power cycled both the camera and the base station several times.

  • At this point, I decided to resync the camera to the base station. I removed the camera in the app and followed the steps for adding a camera.
  • I turned off the camera, waited a minute, and turned it back on but there was no yellow light or status light at all.
  • I still pressed the sync button and there was nothing. No voice prompt.
  • I turned off the camera again, plugged it into power, and it started blinking red. I let it go for an hour until it was solid red again.
  • This time when I unplugged, the light turned yellow for about 20 seconds even though the power switch was off?
  • I tried power cycling it but the yellow light would not come back. I plugged it back in, set the power switch to on, and again, the status light started blinking red.
  • I unplugged it and the light turned yellow so I quickly tried to go through the pairing/syncing process but the yellow light died after a few seconds. Repeated those steps again and pressed the sync button while the yellow light was still on but there was no voice prompt and the yellow light died after a few seconds.

At this point, I’m pretty sure that the camera or the battery is defective.

As you said, the camera is most likely defective.
I’d contact Wyze support and get a replacement.