Wyze Outdoor Camera - how to diagnose lack of connection to base station

Looking for help with my Wyze Outdoor Camera WVOD1. I think either the battery is toast, or the on/off switch is faulty.

Backstory: purchased new from eBay 8 months ago. Has been working, positioned outside.

Symptom: flipping camera to ON, it does not connect to the base station.

– There are no blue or yellow lights when switch to ON … regardless of connection to power or not
– when plugged into power, red light blinks (charging) for over an hour, at which point light is solid red
– after charging (above), unplugging camera from power for an hour and replugging results in a blinking red light for 15 minutes, then a solid red light.
– holding setup button does not result in a yellow light
– looking at the switch (after taking off bottom), the solder connections look okay to me.
– I have drained the battery a couple times overnight… most recently a few months ago.

If the battery is dead or dying, I would expect the camera to work when plugged into power. Maybe thats not the case.

Curious if there is something I can diagnose.

thank you

Since you had it open did you get a battery reading with a digital volt meter? It should be 5.22vdc

Hi Kae4560, thank you for the encouragement. Pulling battery and plugging it back in… fixed the problem (blue light now). Voltage was 8.2V (between red, and each other wire). Looks like a big battery, see pics

Wow way over voltage

It looks normal… for a 7.4v battery, a 8.2 post-charge voltage is okay. Like how your 12.6v car battery can go up to 13.6 or so.

I saw that after I hit sent…it must use a chip cap to drop the voltage