Wyze Outdoor Cam Pop-Up Ad Prevents Downloading Still Images

Hi, I have a Wyze Outdoor Camera; I’ve set mine up as a birdfeeder cam. It’s worked great, and I’ve use the resulting images in TikToks and the like.

Well, I went to download some nice shots today, and lo-and-behold, there’s a full-screen pop-up advertisement (See Events in Videos) that immediately pops up when you click on a photo (to access the download button).

I have notifications turned off, and I’ve restarted both my app and phone to see if that was the problem.

It’s not. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this?

Could you send some screenshots / screen recording of this?

So I went to use my camera and save one of the events to my phone, but it’s impossible to do so because of the entirely annoying ads.

I click on the image, and I’m redirected to the ad shown below. Followed by another popup banner-style ad. Once that goes away, I close the ad, and for a tiny second, there are buttons visible to download the image, but if it’s very difficult to actually click/save.

This renders the camera effectively worthless. I mean, guys, I paid for the camera already. I don’t want a video subscription. I just want to use the product I bought. I have the latest firmware.

This camera does not have a subscription, so it does not record videos. Without a subscription (even cam plus lite, which can be free), your cameras only record images. The purple play button you are seeing is saying that to unlock full videos you need to subscribe to cam plus.

Are you saying you’re unable to download even the image? That’s what you want to save?

You should be able to just click on the actual image and the download button will overlay. Is that what’s not working?

Correct. When you click the image, you’re redirected to a full-page ad for a “14 day free trial,” followed by another banner ad. When you click out of those, you’re returned to the still image, and for about a tenth of a second, the download buttons appear, but they vanish.

After that, when one clicks on the image, the process repeats. It’s maddening.

That definitely doesn’t sound intentional. Any chance you could get a screen recording of this?

I had to save this as a low-quality video. You can see that clicking on a still image automatically sends you to a full-page ad (and a banner ad) that you have to click through. Once you close those, you’re redirected to the image, but the white overlays for downloading and such disappear. You can’t really see them on my video, as it happens too fast. But once click on the image again, you’re back to the ad.

And this seems intentional: annoy the user enough to buy the additional monthly service.

Thanks for sending the video, however I’m having trouble seeing what’s going on.

Could you try to follow this tutorial to enable screen recording on your iPhone? This should allow for a clearer video.


Here you are. You can see the download buttons appear for a fleeting moment at 0:16 seconds.

It’s maddening.

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Thanks for the video! That is definitely super annoying!!

While Wyze is pretty good at placing an annoying amount of ads in the app, I don’t think they intentionally prevented the download functionality from working. My guess is that was an oversight.

I will test it on my end and forward it up to Wyze to let them know that is something that is not acceptable.

I will keep you updated! Sorry you have to deal with that :sob:

As a temporary workaround you could screenshot the image?

This issue should be fixed in the latest 2.47 public app release. Please update as soon as it’s available and let me know if it’s fixed. Thanks!


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It works! Oh my goodness. Thank you! I’ve been having a lot of fun with my birdfeeder green screen that I set up for my resident squirrels, and this makes things 100 percent easier (to have a direct download button). Part of my handiwork:


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Haha, that’s awesome!

I’m so glad they got it fixed for you! Thanks for following up!

I haven’t had the option to download a photo for AGES. More than a year. it makes me angry. I can’t get a good quality download of an event picture from my OC or v3s. And, the new thing with ads popping up constantly any time I’m trying to scroll through my events or see an event photo is BEYOND infuriating! I am not interested in CamPlus. I bought these cameras before that existed and have no intention of getting it. I used to have a download icon on the pictures, but that was removed and hasn’t returned. I’m fully updated. I’ve complained of this in the past, so it’s been going on for a while now. I believe I did this via a bug report or post for that purpose.