Wyze Outdoor Cam - No Light on Night Recordings

I’m a very new Wyze Cam user. Outdoor camera is currently just to detect what is wandering around the back yard day and night. Daytime notifications, events, video, etc are all fine. Nighttime is another story. I get the notification and it records the event. However, when I go to view the video it is a black blur, Not black like no recording but black like no IR or whatever light it uses when recording. The photo in the event section is a black box but when I run the video the first one second is a normal picture, The next second the recording is all black and gray shadows. It looks like it is turning all of its lights off. My only thought, other than a defective camera, is that it is detecting motion and the lights are doing their thing for 12 seconds but the recording is being delayed for 11 seconds?

Thanks in advance for your advice and assistance.

Just checking back in to say that the issue has been resolved but I am really not sure how. I had previously tried the supplied instructions to no avail. I ran through them again with the same poor results. Over a couple of days I started undoing and redoing everything and changing any and every setting I could find. Again with no success. On about day four or five I started all over again and that time I was able to disconnect the base from the router and it actually switched to wifi. Once it found the wifi, or the wifi found it, I was able to move it much closer to the cameras. Checked all the camera settings again and haven’t had a problem of any kind since. Also added a second camera without issue. I’m guessing that when I was forced by the ethernet connection to have the base a considerable distance from the camera it was having difficulty maintaining a connection and the disruptions were causing my issues.
Thanks for the assist!