Wyze outdoor cam and base

My outdoor cam and base have never worked at all. I even brought it in and repaired the two. My other Wyze cams work well, but this one has been a waste of time and money. I bought the solar charger too. And I put it on Cam Plus too. Total waste of money

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When did you purchase the base and cam ? How did it 'Not ever work" ? What “repairs” did you make? Some more information might get you some good suggestions on how to make things work.

I purchased it the end of July, 2021. I left off the hyphen on the word repaired. Should have said re-paired….I have readjusted the angle of the camera, make sure it stays charged, paired with the base. Both cameras have 32gig SD cards in them. However, I have been unable to see any videos of motion at any point. That’s why I put it up, to know when someone was at our side door. We use that door a lot and we also go out it to put trash away. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t work. And, yes the software on all my Wyze cameras are up to date.

Does it work in Live View ? Is event recording turned on. The SD cards will do you no good unless you do scheduled event recording or time lapse recording. The SD in the base would have any videos on it but since you said you have cam plus that won’t work either. How is the PIR zone set, the cams work best when movement is across the zone not straight at it. To see my side door the face of the cam is pointing at the bowl on the ground.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @Carolworden79!
As @Antonius said, the SD card in the Wyze Cam Outdoor is only used for scheduled recording(more information here: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037595072-Scheduled-Recording-on-Wyze-Cam-Outdoor).

Have you made sure the camera is set to record? Try waving your hand in front of the camera to test. If it’s not recording, go to the camera’s settings, the the event recording settings and make sure “detects motion” is turned on.

If you’ve checked the settings (as mentioned above) and you don’t see the Cam Plus videos under the “events” section of the Wyze app, make sure you don’t have any filters applied.

What version are the camera and base on? It’s best to state the specific version rather than “latest”.

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The PIR zone for mine has the camera pointing to ground also. However, mine would work if someone came up the sidewalk. Which could be a problem? Yes event recording is on. I can see the live view. I don’t understand why the SD cards would only work if I scheduled recordings? How can I schedule random visits to record? Guess I’m not understanding CamPlus? I am paying for it on all my cameras. What is it supposed to do?

Software version 4.171.185

Without cam plus you can only record for 12 seconds then there is a cooldown period which means the cam will not record again for 1-5 minutes depending on how you have it set. Cam plus will record as long as there is motion. Have you activated the cam plus on your cameras? On the app bottom right tap account, then next page services, then cam plus and see if it list the cams with cam plus activated. Does your events page show Plus ? (See pic)
I use scheduled recording on my 4 WCO because I got rid of cam plus. I have 32GB cards in the cams, they are set to record motion events for 10 days, no cooldown period and max video length of 2 min. per video event. The cam will record to the SD as long as there is motion. You will still get a notification but only a 12 sec clip on the events page. If the video is longer you have to take the SD card out and view the rest of it on a PC or card reader

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