Wyze Orders not showing on My Orders Page but does in the Wyze App

@WyzeGwendolyn FYI…

Not sure where to report this to. I did let individuals know via DM’s and emails to Wyze Support. But for the last few weeks (Starting about 11/2/21) there appears to be no Orders appearing on the My Orders page of the Wyze Web Site when you logon. However, when you look at the Wyze App Order History page, the orders do appear in that location. I just ordered the Covid Rapid Test Kits.

Here is what the App Shows, notice there are orders after 11/1/21. There are 4 more orders seen in the Wyze App

Arrows pointing to the missing orders when looking on the My Orders Page

Here is what the My Orders Page Shows, notice nothing after 11/1/21.


I have this too on an order I placed on 11/2. I didn’t even know that orders could be displayed in the app; I see it there now but not on the website. I emailed support to check status after ordering to see if the order had been placed successfully and they said it wasn’t listed because I wasn’t logged in on the website when I placed the order. There were all kinds of issues with the online store when I ordered.

Mine was a preorder of the Wyze car. It would have been nice to have known I was preordering and not ordering at the time, so I guess they’ll ship it whenever. Support gave me timeframes for 3 waves of shipments and didn’t tell me which wave I’m in.

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And I think I recall that you always order through a computer on the website right?

Regardless, both places should show all orders, but it would potentially make SOME logical sense if we found that the App only showed App purchases (to track which ones had royalties paid to google/apple, and only allow Google/Apple devices any access to those orders) but this is opposite anyway since the app sees all order, the website is only seeing some of them. That’s a weird bug.

Just fyi, I’m having the same problem. Showing on the app page but not showing on the website.

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you are absolutely correct. I always order via my Chromebook, easier to paruse and see what I want to order.

I agree, they both should be the same. Start 11/2 as all missing orders on the My Orders Page is after 11/1

Can you tell if it also started afte 11/1 for you?

My only order in the last several months was 11/6.

I’m also experiencing this bug too! @WyzeGwendolyn

You can add my name to this growing list. At least the order show up somewhere and I got the confirmation email.

Having the same issue of the orders not showing up on the Web Site, but showing up correctly on my phone. It appears that the issue started on 11/2/21. Placed two orders a few days ago and they still don’t show on the list of My Orders, but the products are listed in the text on the left side of the page. So, the issue has not been fixed yet.

Same issue here.

My most recent order (done through the app) shows in the app list of orders but does not show on the website.

Also, an order from some time ago (done through the website) is not showing on the app.

Same for me, I’ve orderd MANY things since 11/2/21 and none are showing on the web site.

Just found this thread because I’m having the same problem. Didn’t know you could see them in the app, but at least I know they’re somewhere.

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I am experiencing the same issue.

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