Online order not shown in account and payment taken

Placed my online order more than 1 week ago, received order confirmation from Wyze and credit card payment taken, No shipment no communication. I can’t find order info. in my account. Anyone know why or I should call credit card company report as Fraud?

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Are you looking for the order from the Wyze e-comm website or on the Wyze app?

I have seen where orders are not showing on the website but will show on the Wyze app.

In fact seeing this now with an order I made yesterday. No order shows when I log into the My Account from website but when I look under order history in My Account in the Wyze App, the order is there.


I would try contacting support prior to reporting as fraud

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT

Saturday - Sunday 8 am - 6 pm PT

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Thanks a lot! I confirmed the same issue, order didn’t show in the Wyze website under my account, but Order shows in Wyze app under my account, looks like it’s still processing, much longer than Wyze quoted processing time but I can wait. Hope Wyze will fix this issue soon!

I’ve tried email Wyze support and left message online even in Facebook, can’t find time to call the support was hoping this is a simple issue can be resolved online instead of waiting for someone pick up the phone during business hours. But thanks anyway, definitely not a fraud but IT issue.