Order History missing from app

Since the latest app update I no longer see my order history in the app. I used to be able to see my orders in the app. I have three previous orders and one pending order. I can see my orders when I log onto the website, but no longer in the app. Anybody know why? I am running the app on my iPhone 7+ and my iPad Air 2. Both are up to date with the iOS operating system.

Yes… here too (Android), but everything is still showing at the website.

I emailed them over a week ago and got a quick response. However the estimated fix time has passed and I haven’t followed back up with them. Posted the response below.

“We are currently updating the previous order part of our database to make it more efficient. Unfortunately, this process takes about 48 - 72 hours to run through all the orders which is why you are currently not currently seeing your orders. They will appear once this process has finished but if you have questions or need us to look up information before then about previous orders then we can still do that internally.”

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No order history showing on my Android app either. :unamused:

My order history also disappeared, it seems at the time of installing the latest Android Beta version 2.4.51 The web-based system does have my order history.

No updates. Can we get Wyze involved? Or do I just need to email them again? It’s been nearly 3 weeks and still no orders showing up.

Can you clarify?

Is that just in the app or does that include

Just the app. Never checked the site before because I’ve always used the app. It is on the site though.

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I noticed this today on iOS as well. I recently installed beta and not sure if this was displaying properly in the prior version or not. Orders display fine on web, nothing in the app.

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Can you guys see your order histories yet? I can no longer see them in the app or on the site and it just cost me a bunch because of it. I texted with support and they made it seem as if I won’t get back access to them at all. SMH

My order history is visible now but the items are mixed up descriptions…

This is a known error/bug that can occur. Contact support if you need your order history. The website may also work but not always.


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I can only see the last two orders on the website store! I need to track an older order


But there is no where I can enter my order number for a status update?

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I have similar issue. But in my case I can see my recent orders on Wyze IOS app ok under order History but i cannot see the same orders on the Wyze Web page, again logged into my account. If IOS app had the ability to print order invoices then i wouldn’t need to use the Wyze web page functionality.
And dont get me started on “trying” to contact wyze support using there wyze bot