Permanently lost my order history?!?

Hopefully this is not true but apparently WYZE has permanently lost all my account history except my username my password and my photo?

That would be my address my order history and my badges!

Can a WYZE forum person please assure me this is not true and all my lost information will soon be found and put back where it belongs - in my WYZE account.

Thanks in advance.

Update 12.3.19 @ 17:07 from WYZE -

"We are currently looking into older orders not showing up in order history, we are aware of this issue and understand its impact to our users. We understand it is frustrating to not be able to see your older purchases and our team is working very hard to fix this.

We do not currently have a time frame for when this will be available again but can always help by looking up your order history for you."

Hi there!

Wyze does not necessarily monitor these forums as closely as they do the main site. You may want to open a support ticket to be sure they are aware of your issue. You can do that here.

We here are just ordinary users like you that volunteer to help out.

By the way some order history does appear to be missing from my account as well. But my addresses and badges are intact. Good luck with your issue I am sure they will do their best for you!

Thanks for the advice. I just spent an hour with WYZE support, during which they gave no indication they had ever heard of this problem before, nor knew how to resolve it. As happened the last time (the time that precipitated my original post) I was passed over to ‘email’.

At this point I’m invested, so I’ll do my best to stick with it and let the community know.

P.S. Today my badges appear to be there, both old and new. I might have just not read the page correctly. They aren’t important to me, but seemed like a dying canary in a coal mine when I thought they were missing.

Mine is gone too. All they have in my account is email address. My name, order history, address and name info is all gone. My last order was in July of 2019 and I have all of my receipts saved as PDF’s but all of my account history has been wiped.

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Same here all my account history is gone… I have about every product Wyze makes and I went to order the Black edition and cancelled because it looked like my account is compromised… At this point until they can tell me where my purchases and history are I’ll be wary of ordering on this site…

They revamped their website, including the e-commerce platform, sometime in September or October. Order history before that point won’t appear in your history, although if you need information, you can always contact support.

Any update WYZE folks… It feel like I have a “fake” account and am Leary of ordering from your site now… and I have ordered a lot… All I see now is my email… so sketch…

Specifically it was updated on September 23rd. Order history before that date won’t appear in your account.

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It’s not an ‘update’ when they intentionally lose your order history.

It’s a ‘downgrade.’

I’m not sure what kind of advice they were getting when they allowed the new vendor to trash the historical records (which have considerable value to the customer) but if support has the ability to ‘look up’ my history then someone else at WYZE (like a programming intern) has the ability to port the old records to the new system.

Shouldn’t take more than a day from start to finish.

Until then - we’re waiting.

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Mine is gone for a while just like others. Months later, they never are able to restore the order history.

In the Android Wyze app I’m getting, “Order Data Processing Failed”.

Hopefully your situation was temporary.

Lost order history seems to be closer to ‘permanent’.

Can you imagine how the world would scream if Amazon lost all their order histories?

As for me, I don’t care that WYZE let some hacker breach my account, I care that WYZE lost my order history and doesn’t care

If you need the details, I’m pretty sure they still have access to it. I think you can still request it if you really need it. They just didn’t migrate it over to the new website. That’s not terribly uncommon with smaller e-commerce storefronts, especially as they’re growing. A huge e-commerce company like Amazon builds its own storefront platform, so everything is retained as they update and go through changes. A smaller or mid-sized product company is more likely to migrate between several different e-commerce platforms over a number of years. In Wyze’s case, it wouldn’t surprise me if the new platform didn’t include any actual “migration” at all. They’re only dealing with 25-30 SKUs probably. It would be trivial to just add them all into the new platform. Wyze isn’t Amazon. I doubt even Amazon still has the oldest order histories for people who had accounts in the mid-90s, for example.

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Amazon still has my (book) order from October 19, 1999, which was four years and 3 months after they started selling books, so I can’t dispute your claim.

I don’t have any personal experience with an on-line retailer deciding my order history was not important enough to migrate to their new on-line storefront. Maybe you are correct.

Regardless, I find it unsettling that WYZE can’t bother to assign a junior programmer, or probably even an intern, the job of migrating the data. It couldn’t take more than a day’s worth of effort for someone who either is or wants to be an IT professional. Database migration is one of the simplest of all IT related tasks and WYZE, correct me if I’m wrong, does claim to be an IT company.

Not sure why it’s “unsettling,” but you could always make a wishlist item if you’d like to see them tackle this.

My order history has been lost or corrupted by so many different vendors by now that I don’t even check. I keep track of any order history I care about in an Excel spreadsheet that started life in 1986 as a Lotus 123 spreadsheet. And that spreadsheet is backed up locally, remotely and in the cloud. So barring an Nuclear war I will probably have it to leave to the kids :blush:

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