WYZE OG setup🤔

I have 3 for a few months, bought a couple more with confidence. :joy:

1st one gets to saying WiFi connected then spins out on connecting to cloud and times out in setup. Multiple times, and tried on my tablet too.

Factory reset it and tried again, same thing.

Any ideas? I mean it’s not that hard when it works. Is there a known Wyze cloud issue?

I believe there was AWS maintenance last night that may have affected some WYZE capabilities. Have you tried again today?

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Yes, tried both new OGs and same thing. Stuck on connection to cloud. After some digging and reading I saw that AWS maintenance note and hoped it was that and not two returns.

I’ve got 30 days, and patience. Thanks for the reply.

Ok Wyze, :joy: I am here to profusely apologize. It was me and not the cameras or the cloud.

Some old guy :flushed: security nerd tuned on access control in my Orbi router and forgot.:grimacing:

All setup on both OGs.:+1: