Wyze OG Camera capturing ALL events and not just Smart Detection Events

I have several Wyze Cameras and have them set to event recording for Smart Detections.
I recently purchased two Wyze OG Cameras and they are recording every event despite the fact I have smart detections enabled.

Firmware and App is up to date. I have restarted my cameras I have spoken with Tech Support on chat and they have been no help.

Does Wyze OG not support Smart Detection only events recording? If that is the case going to return these cameras ASAP.

Are you talking about Event only recordings to the local uSD card (accessed via the “SD Card” icon on the camera screen), or cloud based Events (accessed via the Events tab)?

Same here with my OG. Unlike the V3 there is no “All motion events” on/off button on the Event Recording. So all motion is recorded on “Events” even with CamPlus AI-enabled.

Hopefully, WYZE will provide a fix/update in the near future. Otherwise, you bought the wrong camera, especially for outdoors.

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There are several Wyze Cam versions that have yet to get the updated Firmware coding that allows the Event Recording to be limited to only Smart Detection Events (like the V3).

What you are describing is how the settings used to be on all the cams before the “Smart Detection Event Uploads Only” option became available on earlier cams. In order to get any Smart Detection Event uploads, you had to have Record Motion Events in Event Recording enabled and you got all events in the Events list, even motion only events.

But, you can manage that in the Events Filters settings and the Device Notifications Settings. In the Events Filters, you can select the cams you want shown and the types of events. If you do not check “Triggered by Motion” at the bottom, those motion only events that are not Cam Plus Smart Detection AI tagged will not show. In the Notification settings for the cam, if you toggle off the “Other Motion Events” option in the Motion Events section, you won’t be notified of these untagged motion events.

Thanks for the response SlabSlayer. This does not help me because the WyzeOG cameras I have set up are on on a mobile hotspot in a remote location and is eating up all may data usage because every event is uploading to the Wyze Cloud with my Cam Plus Service. This makes these cameras completely useless to me if I can not trigger on Smart Detections with people and vehicles only.

It isn’t going to use any less data even if you had the feature.

Since there is no onboard AI on either the OG or the V3 I used for comparison, all Motion Activated Videos on all cams without the onboard AI are uploaded regardless of the Smart Detection settings. I think it is also this way with the V3Pro w\ onboard AI but the Wyze Floodlight Pro, the only other cam with onboard AI, may be different.

Only after the Motion Activated Event Videos (all of them) are uploaded do they go thru the Server AI interrogation process for tagging. If you have the “all motion events” selected, it saves all of them on the server. If you have “Smart Detection Events” selected, it only saves those that are AI tagged and discards the motion only events.

Videos can’t be segregated for AI before the upload because the AI is on the server, not the cam.

I think this feature is there now.

My issue is that I’m getting notifications for shifts in LIGHT!

The dirty little secret of ALL home security systems is that it takes HOURS of trial and error to get it set up right.

At the moment the Wyze Sense Hub that I moved to a new location WORKED until I got ready to walk out the door (sensor installed).

It is now NOT connected to the Internet. Could be that the USB cable is not recharging it. Or it could be something else.

Another hour or two of trial and error at a remote location to figure it out.

Just remember NO, not one, home security system works perfectly 100% of the time.

Wyze is good. And other that the frustration I had with trying to cancel an order recently (turns out I already had what I was ordering in a storage box) I have been satisfied with Wyze since I bought my first camera years ago.