May 2024 App update

May 2024 update turned off Record All Events for each camera without customer authorization and turned on Smart Events thereby causing only specific selected Smart event types to be recorded… assume using sometype of AI that excludes a lot of motion events. Also noticed that MicroSD card playback has those events but doesn’ tag them with MOTION. Only Smart events get tags. WYZE must never turn off or change settings without warning to customers. Took two days to figure this out and support was clueless.

Noticed update also change Event view filter to one camera even though I have seven cameras.

I noticed 2 of my FLPros go offline during today’s updates, but all of my other 50 cams didn’t have any changes that I can tell.

Which model cams did this happen to you on? And when you say the May update, do you mean a firmware update for a particular cam, or the app update, or the new Unlimited service update?

I noticed this, too, and I thought maybe I was crazy that recording “All Motion Events” must not have been set right, because “Why would Wyze mess with that setting?”, but I see from your post I was not alone.
I have a further issue. however, in that I cannot turn the setting back on, it keeps flipping back to Smart Event recording on my V2 cams and V2 Pan cam. V3’s and later seem to be fine and accept the setting.
I wrote about it and included a link to demonstrate what’s happening.
This might be the beginning of a huge problem for Wyze if all the users’ cams got that setting changed without their consent.