Wyze Motion Sensor v2 setup problem

I had an issue in my Wyze Sense Hub and had to reset it, losing all sensor devices & their rules

In setting up again as I add each motion sensor v2, I get a prompt to attach Cam plus plan?? with a renewal option. I have 99 license Cam Plus

It keeps spinning on this page. I end up closing Wyze app and reopening it so I can continue?

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?

Wyze has deployed a new product Cam Unlimited. The server backend has broken many things. You might want to wait for a day or so to see if things improve.


Thanks. This is helpful to know. I have added my motion sensors back in by just cancelling the Wyze app after each install of a motion sensor and then adding the next one and now working on adding back in my rules.

I do like the new synced multiview which came as part of this change. Very impressive synchronization across the cameras for our current history.