Wyze Motion Sensor always says "Clear", never reports any motion

I opened a ticket but have not had any response since my original chat session. I have deleted and re-added the motion sensor. It does connect to the hub and it is recognized, but it never does anything. Has anyone else had this trouble. I also notice it does go offline at night and then powering the camera on and off brings it back up. The door sensors works fine.


Yes, having the exact same issues that you are. Have not opened a ticket yet, or found a solution.


I’m having the same problem but everything else works great!!! I’m driving myself crazy , deleting it and re adding it over and over again it just goes right back to clear .Do I really need it?? If I do I’ll keep at it, if not I’ll leave it alone, I’m happy with everything else.

Hi @Jadine365, Welcome to the community! Does the motion sensor detect any motion? The red led will blink when motion is detected. After all the motion stops it will say “clear”.

A few suggestions.

Remove the battery from the motion sensor reinstall battery. If that doesn’t work try the following:

Unplug the camera with the bridge, remove the bridge, restart camera, plug bridge back in and wait for it to connect.

I too am having this issue, I will delete it and redo everything and it says it’s connected and sends me to alerts back to back and then it just quits working. I ve pulled the battery, force the app closed, deleted all of the thins I can think of and still nothing! What’s happening? Anybody?

I’m having same exact issue. Please advise!

@Cb2020 Welcome to the Wyze community! There is currently a widespread issue with Wyze sense. This is on the server side so only thing we can do is wait for them to fix it. See the other discussions here.

Thank you for letting me know! I appreciate it!

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No problem :+1:

Just updated for todays issue

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