My wyze motion sensor is showing notification from an hour ago? (iPad)

It’s currently 5:21pm PST but I’m still getting pop-up notifications from about an hour ago (4:04pm). Also been getting a ‘[motion sensor name] is clear’ notification at random. I don’t know what’s wrong…

Others are experiencing issues with their sensors as well. There must be an issue with servers again.

They’re squirrely right now and I’ve been getting multiple and repeat late notifications also. Must be yet another server issue.

Today is the Wyze outage that happens every two or three weeks. The same issue that occurred a few weeks ago regarding the Amazon Web Services (AWS) performing maintenance on Wyze servers appears to reoccurring. “This may lead to products appearing to be offline, delayed notifications, and delayed setting changes.”

Wyze will post an update here: It’s the same issue as the last one from August 7. Lucy has some explainin to do.

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