Beta Firmware - Motion Sensor & Door Sensor Not Reporting correctly

So apparently someone decided they needed my motion sensor more than I did. It’s no longer here yet my app is reporting online and motion active in progress since May 30. I’ve also noticed that my door Sensor is in the open status. I’ve already rebooted the Wyze Can as well as power cycled. So my lights currently do not turn on when I open the door and I am no longer notified when someone is outside.

Look around thoroughly to make sure it’s adhesive didn’t fail and it dropped somewhere. I’ve had that happen. Use Velcro now!
Usually if it’s gone out of range-stolen- it will show up as offline. But not always.
I know this isn’t a whole lot of help, but…,


Is it remaining “online” if you close and log back into the Wyze app?

If that sensor has been taken out of WiFi range then it shouldn’t show up as offline (as tomp rightly pointed out), so I’m also curious if it did fall from it’s original placement.