Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Network Passsword Character Limitation

I apologize if this was discussed elsewhere, but I wasn’t able to find it mentioned anywhere yet.

I noticed that when I was setting up my Wyze Mesh Router Pro, there was a 32 character limit on the network password. My current setup uses a network key longer than the 32 character max. It is my understanding that WPA/WPA2-PSK networks use a 63 character limit max.

I’m no network security expert, but does anyone know if the current character limit will change (preferably to the 63 character limit)? I want to avoid having create a new network password and updating my 50+ network devices to a new network key.

Along with the length, you need to consider any special characters in the password as some are not supported such as the apostrophe.


@WildBill That’s a good point.

Does anyone know the character set that the Mesh Router Pro supports? I tried looking through their online help articles and couldn’t find anything. Or is this something that I’ll have to put in a help ticket to get that type of technical information?

This is all I can find:

Discord - Special characters not allowed in Wyze Mesh Router Pro SSID or password :keyboard:

It is expected that SSID and passwords with special characters should work unless that special character is an apostrophe. The block on apostrophes is by design. However, we saw a report that the router behaved incorrectly when dealing with this case so we want to look into what happened there. If your router crashed or otherwise stopped responding when special characters were used, please make sure that you’re using firmware or later. If you are on updated firmware, please then send in a log using these instructions:

Recreate the issue. Then in the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Select your device from the dropdown menu. Then fill in the description box with the date, time, and time zone of the most recent time you noticed this issue and a description of what’s happening. Make sure the Send Logs option is selected and then submit your log. When you have the log number, please post it here as a reply to me so I can get it to the right folks.

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