Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Channel & Channel Width

Is there a way to make changes to the wireless channel and channel width manually on the Router Pro? Currently after initial setup and optimization the 5Ghz SSID is configured to channel 36 and 160MHz channel width and I would like to move it to a less congested channel and drop the channel width to 80MHz

Also, does the Pro router support UNII-2C channels?

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You are not able to manually change those settings, the router automatically optimizes the radio signal strength, channel width, and channel selection for the best performance. It will continue to check and adjust, I am working on getting any details about this and will let you know when I have them.

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Can you tell me what UNII channels the Mesh Pro support?

On my 2.4Ghz radios I see that my 2 mesh AP’s are using different channels (6, 11), but on my 5Ghz radios they are using the same channel 36 (160MHz width). I am assuming the reason for this is that they do not support UNII-2 Extended channels, where the 2nd 160MHz width lives on 5Ghz.

Take a look at the web interface on the router. (User name and password are on the label on the bottom of the router.) There are some options there to change the wifi config.

Even on the web interface you cannot change the channel or channel width on the 5G or the 6G radios. You can only change the 2.4G radio manually. So hopefully they will open this up with a firmware change in the future.