Router Pro Mesh 6 GHz worse then 2.4 GHz? WPA2 for 6GHz? Can't pick channels for 6Ghz? Web interface issues

The Router Pro Mesh 6 GHz worse then 2.4 Ghz? Is that supposed to be normal? WPA2 for 6GHz? Can’t pick channels for 6Ghz? Web interface issues with “Internet Connectivity” Will say its not connected but it most certainly works. 5G Home SSID shows half the time on the same page, its completely missing a “6Ghz Home SSID” but thats. WPA2 for 6GHz? Why is that even an option? Can’t pick channels for 6Ghz? (Or 5GHz for that matters?)
to login for the main but about about the nodes? I have Manual DNS… This has to be the worse router I ever bought and I love Wyze eh

6Ghz is relatively new, but I have found that 6Ghz may not have the strongest signal, depending on distance, but performance seems to be fine for me.

Also note: 6Ghz will automatically use WPA3 and not 2. WPA3 is required for 6Ghz.


The Wyze Routers will automatically switch for devices connected to 6Ghz.

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The online interface allows 6Ghz to use WAP 2. Which means it goes against the Wi-Fi alliance standards but doesn’t mean it can’t actually use that way.

Nodes can be accessed thru your browser by:

Or by entering the IP address of the node as displayed when viewing the Device Info in the Wyze Mesh Pro Router UI in the app.

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When 6Ghz is selected, regardless of what you have set, it will use WPA3 and not WPA2. It may be a bug in the interface.

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