Wyze mesh router questions

I will be getting the Wyze mesh router soon to replace a mixed wifi setup (separate ssid for the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands). My plan is to go with one ssid for all bands. Will have 4 Wyze mesh routers.

Can use some help with the following questions.

  1. When setting up the 2.4 ghz side is it best to assign each router the same channel, or to use different channels to reduce interference?

  2. Is it possible to assign the 6 ghz as the backhaul? Three of the routers should be wired backhaul (will use home wiring with a switch, removing the wiring from the internet) but one location will not have wired backhaul capability. If I can use 6 ghz as the backhaul would it be recommended to have the 5 ghz routers on separate channels?

Sorry if these questions are automatically done in the app. Just want to make sure my installation plan goes well.

Are you looking at getting the Mesh Pro or Mesh Standard?

The Standard is a dual band and will use the WiFi Backhaul shared with your devices. The Pro is a Tri-Band and will utilize the 6Ghz as the backhaul. If needed, it will share with other devices utilizing the 6 Ghz band.

As for the Channel question, the Router will pick the best channel for communication. you should not have to worry about it or interference.

I have the Mesh Router Pro and had the Mesh Standard, which I gave to my son. In all cases, I used it as a true Mesh, one SSID regardless of the Band. Everything connects and works as expected. You should not have to separate the Bands. If you still want to, make sure you do it during setup, when prompted. You cannot change when the Mesh is up and running. You will need to do the setup again to make the change.