Wyze Login Issues | Two emails tied to one account

In the process of setting up my Home Monitoring System, I’m noticing that my wyze account has two emails attached to it. When I log into “wyze(dot)com” it lists my primary email account (gmail) that I used to log into to the wyze app/manage my devices, but when I log into “https://services(dot)wyze(dot)com” with the same credentials it lists a different email address (yahoo mail). Because of this all of my subscriptions I signed up for through “services.wyze.com” are tied to an account that my devices are not connected to.

I believe at some point I updated my email address from yahoo to gmail and wonder if this is the source of this bug. Anyone else come across something like this?

Your licenses all need to be assigned to your primary Wyze app account – the same address you use to control your devices. Wyze will think the addresses belong to someone else otherwise, and you won’t be able to see them or assign them in your app.

I think Support can fix this. The best way to contact them is by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the insight! Was on the phone with them earlier this morning for over an hour without resolution. Was told they would escalate it but worried the case wont go anywhere.

I think someone there can fix it, but it might need to be escalated. If no answer in a couple days, please post the ticket # here and we’ll see what we can do.

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Circling back on this – just got off the phone with Wyze support and the rep said they couldn’t find my ticket #, so they ended up opening a new one. Any chance I can get your help looking into this? (old ticket: 1391098; new ticket: 1396266)

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I will see if I can get someone to get with you.


This happened to me when I added Cam-Plus what I did and it was a pain was sign into the account with Cam-Plus and added all 10 cams and smart plugs to the new account. I forget if I had to delete the cams from the old account first, I would think you will have to.

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This was the solution Wyze offered to me, but hoping I can avoid this because yahoo mail is notoriously insecure. But if I don’t hear from Wyze soon, may have to go with this route.

I’m showing it has been escalated, surprised you haven’t heard anything. I’ll see what I can find out.

Maybe they’re still analyzing the issue? At any rate, I was able to resolve the “dual email address” issue, Not sure how this fixed it, but I logged into wyze(dot)com using the yahoo account and that detached the yahoo address to my gmail (in services(dot)wyze(dot)com). Unfortunately, this deleted all my devices and now have to go through the warranty process of replacing my outdoor cams and door lock (since they were previously registered).

Thanks for your help looking into this.

“I logged into wyze(dot)com using the yahoo account and that detached the yahoo address to my gmail”. Not sure what that means. “this deleted all my devices and now have to go through the warranty process of replacing my outdoor cams and door lock (since they were previously registered).” Unsure about this too.

Don’t know about the lock, but the Outdoor cams are special in that they need to be released by the gmail account before they can be used by the yahoo account, but it isn’t clear that is what you mean, and it shouldn’t require a warranty replacement.

So not able to help without a more step-by-step description of what you did, and what you think went wrong…

Sorry for the confusing language. Let me try to clarify:

“I logged into wyze(dot)com using the yahoo account and that detached the yahoo address to my gmail” I currently have two Wyze accounts (gmail and yahoo). I reset the password and logged into wyze(dot)com using the yahoo account. An hour later I signed back in using my gmail account and now showing the gmail email address in services(dot)wyze(dot)com (whereas before it listed my yahoo email).

However, in doing that 1) when I log in using the yahoo account and navigate to services(dot)wyze(dot)com it lists my gmail email address, and 2) my devices are not showing up when I log into the app using either email addresses. I’ve tried factory resetting and reinstalling my devices to my gmail account but getting registration errors presumably because they’re still attached to some ghost account. The Wyze tech support person I talked to confirmed the reinstalls were likely failing because they were not properly removed from the account they were originally installed under and were likely bricked and the best way forward was to get them replaced under warranty.

Just to be clear I would like all of my devices and subscriptions to fall under my gmail account. (This was the account I originally had all my devices under.)

Received a reply from Wyze on my initial ticket, but it was pretty much requests for screenshots to verify my claim. I did ask them if they could manually removed all my devices from my accounts and delete my accounts so I can start from scratch. Wondering if this would be the quickest/simplest solution.

So I guess I’m still not fully understanding – you say no matter what email address credentials you use on the app, there are no devices listed. Why? Did you delete all the devices at some point? I don’t know why they would disappear otherwise, unless you aren’t logging onto the original account. And if you did delete them, then you released them, and you should be able to add them back. So confused. Are you sure you are logging on to the original account?

Yes, the workaround to getting Support to fix having signed up for your licenses using the wrong address would be to log the app onto that same address, and add all your devices after first releasing them from the original account. Can take some time if you have a lot of devices, but may be faster than Support can fix it. Problem is, you don’t know where your devices are. My guess is only Support can help you with that one, unless you can figure out what account they were originally assigned to. Sounds like you aren’t logging onto that.

Whatever you do, don’t add devices unless the account you are adding them to show the licenses under Account tab > Services.

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Yes, that’s correct. When I log into either the yahoo or gmail account I’m not seeing any of my devices listed (the devices were originally set up under my gmail account). They’ve literally disappeared into thin air.

Responses from Wyze support are trickling in but their general response is that this is a cloud sync issue and cannot be resolved. They recommend I just create a entirely new account (using a new/third email account) and to re-add the devices to that account. Not the optimal solution but I need to get this set up so went ahead and created a new account using a new gmail account. Unfortunately, i’m not receiving event notification from the one v2 camera I reinstalled to this new account.