Wyze Lock with door lock near handle

I have a door with the internal deadbolt lock only 1.5 inches above the handle. Is that enough clearance for the Wyze Lock to work with or is this too close? I can’t tell from the specs published on the website.

Anyone tried the Wyze Lock on something similar and were you able to get it to work?

Sorry I don’t know, but from the pictures it sure looks as if it would. If no one else answers I suggest you contact support or sales.

I use a WYZE lock, I believe 1.5 inches would give enough room but I am not at home to measure mine. Is the 1.5 inches from the top of the handle to the bottom of the deadbolt?

It’s 1.5 inches from the turnpiece of the deadbolt to the top of the rosette of the handle (the metal part of the handle that’s flush against the door). Since the rosette sticks out, I’m assuming that it would get in the way of the Wyze lock so that’s why I measured up to it’s top.