Will a Wyze lock work on this kind of door/lock?

This is our new door and I’d love to put a Wyze lock on it! Anyone know if the Wyze lock will work?

What does the inside of the deadbolt look like? Is there. Separate door knob that will make it easier to open?

There is a handle for opening. I could only post one pic in the original post.

Here’s the other side. I haven’t been able to get back to the constriction site to open up the deadbolt to see how it interacts.

If it’s possible, a picture of the inner-workings of the deadbolt would be great! This looks like it may not work. Does this lock”flip” out?

It does, yes.

I am about 99% sure it will not work with this style lock. I do not believe it has the standard rod the Wyze lock uses to function, I believe this lock requires a 360 degree rotation to go from locked to unlocked and its proximity of being very close to the edge of the door could pose a problem. Minimum needed from center of lock cylinder to edge of door is about 1-1/4" if the Wyze lock is completely butted against the edge.

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