Wyze Lock Manual Range of Motion Lacking

Has anyone else had this problem? It appears that the manual range of motion on the wyze lock is not enough to either fully unlock my lock, or fully lock it. The app can do either no problem. But after the app locks it, I cannot fully unlock it (it gets close, but not quite there). And after the app unlocks it, I cannot fully lock it (again it gets close, but doesn’t fully lock).

Here is a video that describes exactly what I mean: Wyze Lock Review: Manual Lock/Unlock Doesn't Work - YouTube

And here is my install: Wyze Lock Review: What am I doing wrong? - YouTube

What am I doing wrong? Support has just been sending me useless links so far to documentation I have already seen. I’ve spent hours and hours on installing, reinstalling, trying different things, and so on.

To me (assuming that I am not missing something obvious), it seems that either:

  1. The range of motion of the physical knob on the wyze lock is not enough
  2. The green adapter has too much slop in it, or, is positioned 45 degrees offset from where it needs to be for my door?

Has anyone else run into this? Please help!

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It sounds to me like your particular deadbolt shaft is one of the ones that’s a bit smaller and has too much slop in the Wyze adaptor. For reference. Mine fits fairly snug with little to no play.
If you contact Wyze support, they have some additional adapters they will send out to those that need them. If that is your problem, that should fix it.


From Youtube, someone commented: “Looks like it’s the lock itself. I just got mine today and my manual turn latch is different than yours. Hmm”. Does anyone else see a difference between my manual turn latch and yours?

interesting observation…where did you get your lock?

some things look different to me…and what tipped me off was that there is no Wyze logo on the cover plate…

did you buy this on amazon ( possible forgery) or did you order this from Wyze directly?

I think you couldn’t see the logo due to glare and position of the overhead light. Here is a picture with no glare:


But yes, I did purchase direct from Wyze. What else looks different? I do wonder if I have a defective unit.

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well played. I couldn’t see it at all. I would contact Wyze support and open a ticket. when I get home I’ll try to remember and do a range test of mine and post a video and see if they appear the same.

I have the same exact problem. Have you found a fix to this issue? I would greatly appreciate your input.