Lock with thick doors?

I’ve tried to install the Lock on both of my doors but realized the deadbolt setup is different due to these being thicker than normal doors.

Any ideas on anything I can do to make this work other than switch to a retrofit model like August?

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What is the issue you run into installing on a thicker door, does the lock rod of the deadbolt not stick out far enough to reach the lock mechanism?

Correct. The plate with the lock one would turn actually has almost a small extension that then sticks into the locking mechanism.

The only thing I can think of is to make an extension that would fit one of the WYZE lock adapters and fit the lock rod on the deadbolt.

I ran into the same problem with a Quikset lock, which Wyze says works with the green adapter. Could not make it work, even on a standard size door. The extension from the outside to the inside part of the lock was not long enough to reach to the Wyze plate.
Thought about making the adapter but never have gotten to it.