Possible mortise adapter for wyze lock?

So after looking at my mortise door handle/lock setup, it seems like someone could replace the mortise lock thumb-turn spindle with an adapter. The replacement part would (of course) need to fit into the locking mechanism (small square) at one end and to fit a common deadbolt at the other end. Thus, making it also fit the the wyze lock. Now I am in no way an expert by any means and I know there are different styles of mortise setups but I think this would work with the most common type. Someone must have tried this but who knows? Anyone heard of this working? Or know where I could get a custom spindle made? I’ve searched but haven’t been able to find one. Thank you for your help.

If anyone does metal work I’d happily pay to have this made!


Following this thread

Literally just commented in another post that this would be phenominal to offer to small businesses as there are literally hundreds of thousands (likely more) that use mortise locks on their doors. Not to mention all the homes with this style of lock.

Mortise locks offer an even larger area to hide the smart lock and no need to draw any attention to the fact that your system is now “smart” even.

Ok so I’ve done it and it works perfectly! I don’t have pictures because I was too excited and forgot to take some before I installed it lol. Could not find the small little piece I needed anywhere, not even multiple locksmith shops. Long story short, you gotta make one yourself. I borrowed a grinder from work and used a random chuck of metal that seemed like it wouldn’t be too much to shape to what I needed. The end result wasn’t pretty and I had to drill 2 holes in the face plate of the mortise lock/door handle (sshhhh don’t tell) so I could attach the Wyze smart to it. Go to a hardware store or look online for “key stock”. One of the locksmith store owners gave me that tip. It’s not what I used but will put you on the right path. Good luck :+1: