Wyze Lock vs other brands?


Before I start, I would like to advise that I’m just regular joe, not super techy…and from Canada. So price currency is CAD.

I’m considering the Wyze-Lock and other brands like the August Smart Lock+connect or any other suggestions? For me, the Wyze seems to be the best value and feature-packed unit but I’m interested in knowing if any of you have other recommendations or other brands/units you have considered before getting to Wyze-Lock?

Feel free to chime in…

this is the Wyze-Lock price in Canada . its $50 less than the August.

I’m in SK, Canada. I have two of those. I’m happy and impressed with the feature packed Wyze Lock. Would recommend

I had nothing but problems with my Wyze lock. Excessive battery drain, failure to hold calibration, auto-unlock issues, etc.

I actually returned it for a refund and went back to August. With how buggy and issue-prone new items from Wyze have been over the last 12-18 months, I’ve steered clear of any products that play a vital role in the house-thermostat, locks, etc.

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Thanks for your input. I agree with what you said. Locks and thermostats are vital so I was looking into this aspect as well.

Personally I think my Wyze Lock has worked very well since I purchased it and I haven’t had some of the problems others have had. The only real issue I’ve had is the lack of Google Assistant integration that has been promised for over a year now. Otherwise it has worked well for me and I’m glad I purchased it. Just sort of disappointed in Wyze for not prioritizing adding this feature as promised.

I have 3 Wyze Locks and have ordered a 4th. My Wyze Locks work very well to keep my home secure. The options and interlinking have been great. The only problem that I have had was with the batteries shipped with the lock were dead. So I just put my own batteries in when I install them.

Thanks for the comparison request. Also would like to know how the auto-sensing works:
Auto Lock/Unlock
Enable Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock to never have to think about keys or codes again. Simply walk up to your door and have it unlock and then lock again once you’re inside.

Does the lock proximity-sense your presence like the thermostat or must you have your phone with you?

Yessss! I wholeheartedly agree! WYZE has, since I purchased my lock a couple years back, continually promised that FUNCTIONAL Auto-Lock is “just around the corner”.

The folks who run the show at WYZE express boundless ambition and nothing the very best of intentions, however follow-thru does not seem to be a priority. It always seems that they have ANOTHER new product out there, and I feel that as an owner of an EXISTING WYZE product, I’m being given short-shrift.

Now they come out with alarm monitoring?!? Are you kidding me! Unfortunately, my experience with WYZE has been both inconsistent and disappointing. Attractive, well-priced and nicely constructed. Easy to install, lots of high-end features, and real humans to help you get your purchase installed! What more can be asked for? I, for one, was pleased and looked forward to seeing how things would unfold.

The experience afterward is not what had hoped. If you only need your WYZE product to do what has been actually IMPLEMENTED (versus the things that WYZE promises), I think your ownership experience should be pretty okay. You may decide to buy more from them as a result.

I recall studying this principle in business school, and this is where pursuing aggressive growth for a young enterprise can jeopardize that enterprise when the satisfied customer base returns (even after the first disappointed customers share their experience at large) to spend even more and another wave of disappointed customers is created when older products, allowed to die-on-the-vine as the R&D $$ is directed into the creation of still more new product. Eventually, that reputation WILL spread, and markets have long memories. Stock prices fall, venture capital fails and once promising futures come unwound. Maybe an established brand is looking to expand into electronics, and the struggling company is scooped up.

I would like to see a much brighter future for WYZE. If they stop this madness, turn about and realize the best salespeople of a brand is their customers- when Toyota sells you a car, they really want to sell you your next 5 cars… and they treat you like that. That is why they have become the largest auto manufacturer, while the greats crumble.

WYZE… why aren’t you folks CRAWLING these boards, resolving your customer’s issues? Why are you making these “castles in the sky” promises to fully implement features instead of rewriting the bloody code!!! Why aren’t you constructing a solid foundation upon which dreams can grow without boundary?!?


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