Wyze Lock is disappointing

I have to say I was super excited when I heard the Wyze lock was coming even though I was owned an augustlock. My biggest gripe was that I had to buy a hub for it and I didn’t want to.

When wyzelock said it would have all the features of Augustlock including remote unlock I was thrilled considering the price so I bought it.

Admittedly when I got it I was disappointed to find out that I’d have to plug in a hub for it but it came with the price so I couldn’t complain.

My first issue is that it’s so bulky compared to my augustlock pro which was a round beautiful device. Plus most of it seems like cheap plastic and quite frankly the wyzelock is ugly.

I could forgive that, but the lack of functionality and constant reliability issues are god awful.

1.) I can’t give someone temporary access to the lock to open it without giving them full access! That means I have to make my dog walker and cleaner part of my account family to use it. Sure there’s a keypad now but I live in an apartment so I don’t want to stick a keypad outside my door. With augustlock I can set up temporary one time access.

2.) the trash mode never works no matter how many times I try it and yes I’ve flipped it back and fourth more times than I can count.

3.) it constantly tries to tell me it’s jammed when it’s not.

4.) the Auto Unlock never works! Ok, so sometimes it works, but only if I unlock my phone and literally stand at my door for a few minutes without opening the app. (If I open it, it’ll cancel the auto unlock and I have to do it.) this is extremely annoying when your hands are full of groceries and you can’t do anything but stand there awkwardly or sit everything down to open the door. Especially when my august lock will unlock when I’m still halfway down the hall. Even more annoying is that after I’m inside sometimes the Auto Unlock will suddenly trigger and unlock the door!

5.) the notifications suck! Half the time if I’m inside and my husband comes home it says I opened it and vice versa. Also, I don’t care if someone opens the door from the inside!!! I only care if the door is unlocked from the outside. Honestly the only time I really wanted to be notified was if the door was manually unlocked with a key like I could do with augustlock. Maybe wyzelock just can’t detect that yet, I’m not sure.

Now I know it sounds like I’m just advertising for augustlock. I’m not, I promise that I honestly want to like and be able to rely on wyzelock. I love my cams!

But the fact is I need something that works reliably and the wyzelock, at least for me, is anything but… I’ve had it since the day it launched and I’m frustrated by it daily.

Now that augustlock just launched a WiFi lock that is smaller than the original pro and works without a separate hub I’m thinking about buying it even though it’s so expensive because I know it’ll work.

I’m hoping that the wyzelock improves but if it doesn’t happen soon, I’ll have to replace it. :confused:

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Yea I’ve read great reviews about it.

We use Kwikset smartlocks, cause all our door levers (door knobs suck) and all door locks are Kwikset - we like the ability to rekey every lock within minutes, if required, without a locksmith. We’ve NEVER had an issue with our smartlocks.

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I had the oblong shaped August lock (still do, sitting in a drawer) and while all the features worked as advertised the lock itself had installation issues with my door. But overall I was very impressed with fit and finish and the quality of the hardware and app. I have a Yale Assure now and am very happy with it. From what I have heard on here the Wyze lock is problematic at best.

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I’m surprised it took you this long! The lock has WAY to many issues and severe reliability problems for me to trust. I had one from the EA period for almost 2 months and ended up going through 3 replacements before just asking for my money back because the open/closed sensor wouldn’t stay calibrated for more than 12-24 hours typically. Add onto the fact that if you leave your door open or unlocked, you drain your battery at an astronomical rate-that was absolutely mind blowing to me when I heard that. I would have been burning through a set of batteries somewhere between 4-6 weeks between the calibration issues on the open/close sensor, and the door remaining unlocked for most of the day.

I actually went to an August lock after getting rid of the Wyze Lock and haven’t had a single problem.

I too heard an awful lot of folks complaining about recalibration issues. Some claimed to have fixed the issues others could not. The oddest and most concerning to me were several reports of the lock spontaneously unlocking while the users were home. That’s a wee bit nerve wracking for sure.

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This! It happens at least once a day especially if the Auto Unlock didn’t work when we came home.

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