Wyze Lock vs August Smart Lock Pro +

I’m a happy owner of multiple Wyze devices (4 cameras, bridge, 2 sensors). But for the door, I’m using August Smart Lock Pro+.

I have mixed feelings for August Lock. My main complaint is related to slowly unlock feature based on the geo-fence area. With my iPhone X the door in automatically unlocked in 20-30 sec most of the time if the phone is locked, and noticeably faster if the phone is unlocked, in 5-10 sec. With my wife Samsung S9+, the unlocking feature is working acceptably most of the time.

For those who have Wyze Lock do you think to be a good idea to sell my August and buy Wyze? Have you have experienced major differences in Lock functionality based on phone OS/manufacture?

I like to have a full eco-system based on Wyze, but I don’t want to have a worse experience than what I have now.

I’m from Toronto, Canada if somehow this is important in Wyze Lock functionality.


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If you look at the forums a bit, you will see lots of issues with auto-unlock/lock for the WyzeLock.

It would be best to just wait a few months to see if they can fix all the issues.

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There are some that have problems with auto unlock not working and some have also had problems with the lock unlocking when it shouldn’t. Personally, I haven’t had any of those problems at all except for a couple times it didn’t auto unlock when I first installed it back on January 10th. I have no idea what the the numbers are, but thousands of locks have been sold and I haven’t seen hundreds of complaints it would take to be more than a small percentage.
In my experience with tech support, the very nature of community support forums means you see the people with problems asking for help or suggestions. That usually make problems seem more widespread than they are.

Having said that, to answer your question, my experience with auto unlock using an iPhone XR is no delay for auto-unlock. My door is always open by the time I get to it walking from where I part my truck which is about 70 feet away. I do get about a 5-8 second delay when locking with the app, or using Alexa (experimental) in the the beta app when asking Alexa on my Apple watch or inside on an Echo device.