Wyze Lock Unable to Caliberate

Hello Everyone,
I just received my New Wyze lock and trying to setup. Installation was super easy but I could not get it to calibrate. I followed the steps multiple times and went through the process. It asks me to lock the door manually, close the door manually and keep it ajar a little. And then it goes into mode where it lock and unlocks itself successfully but still fails to complete calibration. If i lock and unlock it manually it still gives me the notification. But i can not lock it or unlock it using my phone.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I submitted the ticket to Wyze but i don’t have any response from them so far. I had a multiple day travel planned and was hoping to set this up so i feel piece at mind while i travel but that did not happened so i kind of feel that my money got wasted and not worth spending. Might as well have gotten some other brand and spend a little extra.
please help me if anyone could.