Wyze Lock Replacement Parts Kit

I was looking at the Lock Replacement Parts Kit and cannot really determine what is in it. There is a picture which looks like it contains everything but the lock. However, there isn’t any list of the contents. Wondering if some Wyze person might be able to answer the question.

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More specifically, is a lock gateway included?

I can’t get any answer from Wyze as to what’s included other than what is in the photo.

While I can’t guarantee it, I am fairly confident the gateway is included. I have 3 locks, and I can’t imagine that the picture of the gateway I see there could be anything else.

I would agree but I can’t get any definitive answer from anyone at Wyze. Asked the same question on Discord. As a said there, a list of what’s included seems like a reasonable request.

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Yeah, I saw Gwendolyn’s response there:


I think that means they agree and are working on implementing a list of parts for all the replacement parts category of stuff being sold. I don’t know how long that will take though.

I just got confirmation from a live chat with a Wyze rep that the lock replacement parts kit contains a gateway. It doesn’t photograph well, but the rep circled it in a screenshot for me, making it clear that the gateway is included. Yes, they should include an itemized list with the kit’s web description.

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Thank you for the confirmation!

I went to the website entry for the lock, in the picture it showed a round gateway. I looked at the pic of the parts kit, and obviously the round item in the picture was the gateway. Took me about 3 minutes to figure it out