Doorbell mounting wall plate replacement

Please make a replacement wall plate available to purchase.

Whether from removing and breaking off the little ‘clips’ or if it is broken/lost in another way, a replacement option would be great.

Thank you for considering this.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jimblackshop11! :raising_hand_man:

This replacement part is sold in the Wyze Store, however it is currently sold out.

Oh… this is great to hear.

I chatted with support this morning and it sounded like this wasn’t even available and they even suggested I post this topic.

I also didn’t find it when I searched the site, but I was likely just not putting in the correct criteria - I was searching specifically for the wall plate… had my search been more broad, like “mount kit”, it looks like I would have found it.

I will watch to see when/if it comes back in stock.

Thank you for providing this information!

That’s because they usually have the least available information, the least experience with Wyze gear, and the script they read from is limited. Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t just do a forum search as a part of their answer matrix.

Always come to the forum first. Customer Support is a last resort when nothing else works and you have to get authorized for a warranty replacement or a return.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers: