Relacement: backplate wyze doorbell pro

I need a replacement backplate for my wyze doorbell pro. A vandal broke it off the fence. I reached out to wyze, and this was their response “As of now, we don’t have a replacement for the mounting kit. We would like to offer a $5 Wyze Gift Card instead.” I looked on Amazon and Etsy but couldn’t find a similar type (with the hooks). If you know of one, can you please let me know?

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum @MMeza352!

Very sorry to hear of your situation. Were you using the 3M mounting plate or the plate that screws in?
I have done a fair amount of searching but not finding much that is 3rd party.

But I imagine with a well placed couple of drilled holes you could use the 3M mounting plate if you have it left over somewhere.

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I was using the plate that screws in, and I don’t think I can find the 3M plate. However, thank you for the response.

Let me shuffle through my box of left overs if I have one I will happily send it to you.

Found one. I’ll hit you up in a DM.

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That’s fantastic - thank you!

I also found this for those who have a 3D printer. It’s the 3M mount.

I don’t have a 3D printer (yet) but if the mount plate doesn’t exist by then, I plan on trying to make it as my first project.

The 3D printer option may be a better option for some, but I wanted the Wasserstein solar panel for the doorbell that I use on my gate (Wyze doesn’t sell one). When I looked into ordering it, I realized it came with a slightly thicker backplate, so the USB cable can fit behind the doorbell. This was excellent, because my backplate was broken in half by the number of times I had to take the doorbell off to recharge it. Now I have a new backplate AND I don’t need to take the doorbell off to charge it.

I mount my doorbell on a 45 degree side wedge, so I needed the holes in the backplate. The 3D printed model listed here lacks the screw holes to allow me to attach it to the wedge. The thicker backplate has the screw holes, so you can attach it to the wall with screws or attach it to a wedge, This was the best solution for me. I added photos to my review on the Wasserstein Solar Panel for the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro item on their website.


Thank you for the information! I saw a few of the Wassersteins but I wasn’t sure if it required the original connector mount plate.

Where did you find the back plate sir, I had the same problem, some kids tried to snatch and go but didn’t fully get it off but broke the top two latches off so it has to be taped back or it piviots on the bottom two left.

It was a spare one I had.

Out of spares… But I could see if I could modify the STL I linked above and try to make an original mount plate for 3D printing and print you one.

Man… You’d be a lifesaver, I love inventive people. Thx in advance & I hope it works

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