For Those Who Can 3D Print

If you’ve not delved into the world of 3D printing, you may wanna give it a try. And not just because chicks dig it, but it enables you to create and print lotsa swell stuff. The design tools, many free of charge, can take a little effort to master, however often they are unnecessary.

There are a number of websites which allow anyone who has designed something swell to share it with the universe because sharing is caring. The largest of these sites is without a doubt,, where you can essentially search and find ANYTHING you might want.

It wasn’t long before someone created some swell ideas to mitigate the only non-swell characteristic of the Wyze domain, that if course being the sensor sticky foam. But this guy took it a swell step further and made all sorts of cool things. I’m going to print a few myself, because chicks will dig it. BTW, I have no idear who this kool kat is, and I’m not getting anything for spreading his designs, but neither is (s)he, so have at it.

Wyze Sense Contact Mounts found on #Thingiverse Wyze Sense Contact Mounts by aaronroma - Thingiverse


Lol… that would be me. And thank you for the compliments. I’m new to Wyze. Purchased my first camera around a month ago. But quickly added several more cameras and other sensors. Love the contact sensors, but just not happy with the mounting options, so, just turned to my hobby!

And you were quick… I literally just posed those today.

  • Aaron

No problem. I figured there was a chance you’d be on here, and am glad you saw the post. Now, for all those high fives you promised me for doing that…

Also, say “Hi” to my minder/sherpa, @WyzeGwendolyn. She’s pretty swell, and provides me with tips on behaving in more “ma-toor” ways. To be honest, I’m not been sure what that word means, but I take use her words of without question.

In all seriousness, I’ve got mad love for this company and how they do business. Get this, they actually listen to their customers!! WHATT!!? I KNOW!!! It blew my mind too, but you’ll see!!


I made recessed sensor bracket options.


Yep, I saw that one! Very nice design, but no way was I comfortable drilling out my doors! But I do like that idea.

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It’s been mentioned before, but in case anyone sees these cool 3D printed objects and feels left out… check your local library! I was surprised how many local libraries now have 3D printers available for public use, and the costs of printing are reasonable.


So, all this talk about 3D Printers, but I don’t recall anything about brands/models being used.

I am looking for an economical (less than $500) 3D Printer. I realize that may be an oxymoron, “econonmical 3D Printer”, but there may just be such a creature out there.

Suggestions? Experiences?


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Having no firsthand experience with 3D printers I can only point to others who have tested them:

Some can be had for less than $200, though I have no idea what tradeoffs have been made to offer such economical options. It seems like even the cheapest 3D printers should be fine for creating small plastic objects like Wyze Sense mounts.


I have a monoprice delta mini which was $160. It is very small at there may be better options for first printers but I like mine and the price is unbeatable.


I went with a Qidi X-Max, which isn’t cheap ($1400), but I wanted a large build bay and the ability to print with a many materials as possible. I couldn’t be happier!

Just think though, in 20 years, day takes these “dinosaurs” 20 hours to print will be done in minutes!

It should be noted, despite how expensive mine was, there are a TON of options available for around $150, or so which are quite capable.


Bro, that design is dope on a rope. I’m using all of it.


This is such a cool thread! I’ve always wanted to get into 3D printing. Thanks for the awesome advice and patterns! :smiley:

Welcome to Wyze, @AaronR. :slight_smile:

-high fives @ExpletivesCensored-


Looking at these again, I am kind of confused about the orientation Of the sensors In the brackets .
Are these intended to be Drilled and inserted into the side of the door jam And the door edge Or are they intended to be Drilled and inserted from the face of the door jamb and door ?
Have you installed these and tested them yet ?

For me, I think I like these better By just using The bracket for the the sensor In the door jam and then A small magnet in the door edge , Plus the fact that I already have a couple of doors With magnets in the door edge from My old wired System .
The mortise in the door jam Will be smaller , so It will be easier To Patch it up if it becomes necessary .

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Told tea chicks dig 3D printing!!

— Attempts to reciprocate high five from @WyzeGwendolyn, but realizes he needs to be comfortable with himself first… Misses the high five and runs away


-watches @ExpletivesCensored run off and wanders away to practice high fiving-

Okay, before we turn this into an RPG, we should probably stop there. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOLOLOL agreed!


I was out of town for the week but I will make a video tomorrow (hopefully) that shows the install process. The sensors reed switch still triggers at about an inch as long as the Wyze logo is facing out. But if you are comfortable cutting a rectangle hole go for it.


Yeah , I’m pretty handy with a sharp chisel , Installed my share of doors and latches .
Looking forward to the video though

I currently have the davinci from Amazon.

My only regret was I didn’t get the WiFi version since this one has to be plugged in to a USB port to send the file to the printer. I have my Mac downstairs and the printer is upstairs due to space so I have to lug a laptop.

Also this model lets you use third party filaments.

This is a Great Wall mount for the cam that integrates the charger.