Wyze lock repeatedly becomes “un-calibrated”? Try a different brand or batch of batteries!

My Wyze lock suddenly after a year decided to become “un-calibrated” once or twice a day.

This occurred a few days just after a fresh battery change.

The battery I used were some Varta batteries and previous sets had been working fine over the past year or so.

Anyway the lock became “un-calibrated” couple times a day, sometimes the keypad doesn’t work (PIN code rejected), and lock occasionally locks itself immediately after unlock.

Anyway, after two resets of the lock and hub, I had started to lose faith in the lock, I decided to give another brand new set of Varta a go and now after the fresh batch of battery, the lock started working as per normal again.

So if your lock becomes “un-calibrated”, especially after a fresh battery change, maybe try another set of batteries!

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