Wyze Lock - Frequent Recalibration Needed and Burning through Batteries

Good day everyone.

I’ve had my Wyze Lock since they first came out and have been having some issues with it really since day one, but it’s gotten worse lately.

The first (and arguably biggest) issue is that it keeps losing it’s calibration and then won’t auto lock/unlock (of course).
I do frequently leave my door open when the weather is nice, but the issue happens intermittently, sometimes even when I’m just going in and out.

This leads in to the other issue… This thing is burning through batteries constantly.
The original set that came with the lock barely lasted me 3 months.
Due to them not lasting long I use rechargeable batteries, but I only get a couple of weeks out of them (if I’m lucky) before I need to swap them, due to having to constantly recalibrate, which can’t be done if the batteries are low.

For example, today I have not been leaving my door open, but have had to recalibrate the lock 4 times.

Within a day or two of swapping the batteries I will get the low battery icon, but they will last around a month or two if I don’t have to recalibrate.

I do have the keypad as well, and that works fine and as intended.

S/N: [redacted for security]
Batteries I’m using: Amazon.com

Any idea why this keeps happening or some troubleshooting steps I should take?

I also have submitted log 111639 for this as well.

these could be causing your problems.

it’s been noted to not use rechargeable batteries because the voltage is different. this slightly lower voltage could be causing the lock to lose its calibration and also giving the low battery warning. those batteries you are using provide 1.2 volts…you should have 1.5 volts. something as seemingly insignificant as this can cause issues.

you mentioned the batteries that were sent with it were not great as well. typically the batteries companies send “work” but aren’t of high quality plus you never know how old they are. best bet is to replace that type of battery right away anyway :cry:

try swapping the batteries out to a standard alkaline battery and see if that fixes your issue. I use regular Duracell and I get 4-5 months out of a set of batteries.


I’ll try some 1.5v batteries instead and see if they work better, thank you.

I had this problem on my gen 1 August lock. It was finicky with screws being too tight, that led to batteries going dead.
I recently replaced the lock. I considered getting the Wyze lock. It is basically the same price as the lowest priced August lock.
I went with August as I already bought the keypad.
This newer August lock is 100% better than the gen 1 I had.