Wyze Lock Keypad requested features

I just installed two keypads. One keypad for each of my two locks. So, far it’s been awesome. Definitely, a worthwhile accessory.

I would ask the community to request the following features on the Wyze Keypad:

  1. Would be great to have a lockout feature; where the keypad will lock after ‘x’ number of unsuccessful tries. This should be user controlled, where I can decide to use it or not, and be able to set after how many unsuccessful tries and to remain locked out for a certain number of minutes/hours/days.

  2. It would also be nice to be able to ‘freeze’ certain users. That way, we can keep the users, but choose to make them active or not and for how long.

  3. A ‘vacation’ mode feature would be nice. Where I can deactivate the keypad when I leave the house for an extended period. I know that I can always remove the keypad and store it inside the house, but if I forget to do that, it would be convenient to open up the app and simply deactivate or lock out the keypad altogether, and be able to set a date/time when it would be active again.