Feature Request -Wyze Keypad

Here are the 2 features i would like to be integrated to Wyze Keypad, coming from a security background its a must have and community can appreciate them on the roadmap, apologies if they are existing or in roadmap and i could not find them.

  1. Keypad should lock itself and become unoperational after few unsuccessful attempt, in order to avoid brute-force, this will slow down the bad actor.
  2. Like a lot of folks, i also have wyze cam on the door, there should be integration build into the lock and cam, where it uses AI to whitelist the homemembers and only they can unlock the door with the master pin, if anyone else outside of home members tries it should fail, but if they try with a guest code given to them it should work, the idea is to not allow non home members to open the door even if they know the pin that has been shared with them, they should be using guest code to start with.

I disagree. I prefer not to be locked out of my house even with a successful entry of the code.

i am not following here, are you referring to point 1 of the feature ask, if yes, the request it to temporarily lock down the keypad for e.g up to 2 mins to slow down the bad actor who is continuously trying combinations, so after 5 or 8 tries the keypad is disabled for 2 mins, it will slow them down and demotivate them, at the same time if there is a camera integration it may trigger IFTT kind of action to send a pic of the person repeatedly trying multiple codes, just some thought, after 2 mins (or whatever duration makes sense) the keypad becomes operational for n number of tries before it locks again. This is standard practice for any sort of access control system to count for scenarios like brute force.