Wyze Lock Keypad and Lockout

I have been using my keypad with my lock with great success. But the other day, the kids were outside playing and one of them kept pressing buttons on the keypad. After a many minutes of beeping and a couple of times scolding and finger wagging, they stopped.
That made me concerned and I started trying to find out, does the keypad lockout after a certain number of bad entries? (if so after how many and for how long?) Or can someone just sit there and mash buttons until it opens? If there is no lockout, can we get one added? Even better would be notification on lockout too.

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I have neither device so can’t answer with confidence.

What does the documentation state about this?
Or is there no documentation?

The documentation that came with the keypad was very minimal, primarily around setup with the lock. I cannot find any additional information on the Wyze website.