Wyze Lock Keypad - Failed Attempt Push Notification

Hello Wyze!

I can live with the fact that the keypad is easy to steal, but not that there are no configurable push notifications for failed attempts.

Unfortunately, I cannot install a camera where the keypad is located due to lack of power outlets, but I need to know if/when someone tries to access my home.

Please consider adding this feature so that we can feel safe and be aware if anyone is trying to access our homes via the keypad.




Even with a cam there I still would LOVE to see this feature added. Even if someone who has a code attempts to use it outside of their allowed times.

As another thought, now that out door cam is available maybe that is an option for you until this is able to be added?

  • Jory
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I just got the Wyze Lock and keypad and was quite surprised to find nothing related to failed attempts. Is there is any activity to correct this security oversite?

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Very much in favor of this. I just purchased the Wyze lock/keypad and installed it this weekend. When we realized there was no notification for failed attempts, it concerned us ā€“ enough that my wife questioned whether we should look for this product from a different company. Iā€™m a fan of Wyze, so am hoping this is something that is forthcoming!

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I too was very surprised to learn the keypad lock does not provide notifications like the bolt lock does. I have considered returning it. Hopefully Wyze will push a firmware upgrade to include this.