Gun Safe Unsuccessful Attempt Notifications

I have purchased and love your Wyze Gun Safe. You do advertise that the Gun Safe will track and let you know who has opened the safe and when unsuccessful attempts are made. However, this is a little misleading as there must be multiple unsuccessful attempts before the notification is provided. When you have children in your house it is important to notify the gun owner on ANY UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT so that we may address the situation with our children accordingly. Please consider the option of allowing users to set the app to notify on all unsuccessful attempts or to leave as is and notify on multiple unsuccessful attempts.

I feel this is a safety concern that wouldn’t require much on Wyze’s part to accommodate within the app. Please upvote to get the developers attention and implement this idea quickly.

They should also have you notified when you’re out of the house and someone try’s to open the gun safe because whats the point to have to be in the house to see if someone try to opnen the safe

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