Wyze Gun Safe Open Duration Notification

My biggest fear with a pistol safe, which I use daily, is to accidentally leave it open when I go to work.
If left open accidentally and found, it could be very tempting to young fingers. I purchased this safe hoping the technology in this safe would alleviate my worries. I would like a feature built into the app that would notify me via my phone if the safe is open longer than a fixed duration. Perhaps 1,2,3,4,5, minute options. Please help in upvoting this to appease all of our safety concerns.

Hey, don’t forget to vote for it yourself!

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Your wishlist submission has been approved. However, I don’t think this is doable due to no WiFi/Internet connectivity. The Gun Safe has only Bluetooth to your phone for numerous reasons, primarily, battery life and security. The ability to receive notifications if within Bluetooth range reported already exists, including “left open for 5 minutes”.


Perhaps Wyze app could send a notification if the last state showed it as open before the Bluetooth connection was lost?


I believe the only way to get notification is to log into the wyze app, into the safe module, type in the passcode, and then it pops up as a recent event. Due to the Bluetooth range limitation, perhaps a notification if the last state the phone received was open safe after a certain duration, This should be a notification that pops up on the phone, not one you have to dig for within the app.


The Samsung Note had a feature that it would alarm if you walked away from your stylus, a Bluetooth only connected device, if you forgot to plug it back into your phone. It was a feature you could turn on our off. Maybe something like that could be implemented. If you don’t close and lock the gun safe, get up and walk away, the phone would sense the motion, know the safe is unlocked and set of an alarm before you got to far. Maybe a bit of a stretch but possible.


Or even if the safe itself could make a sound when it’s been open for 5 min that should be doable right?