Request for repeat notifications (sensors and cams)

When sensor is left open there should be a check box to repeat notification every so often until sensor is closed. It will notify you if left open after a set time once, it should repeat notification until you take action and close the device monitoring.

The new deadbolt if it’s left open it’ll sound an alarm and it will keep going until the door is shut so they have Ability. And it would be a software not a hardware fix I would think.

What they should have on the notifications for the sensors as a repeat notification option. If the sensor is left open and you set a time set or length of time open to be notified there should be a checkbox for repeat notifications time Set until sensor is closed. I left a notice on the wish list for this option.


I’m voted for it I think it’s a great idea. Especially if you have kids

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I’m on the other end of the spectrum where I’d like to have the push notification just ONCE (the moment the sensor opens or closes). In the current Wyze app version (V2.9.24) , the notification section does not give you the option to uncheck the “left open/close after …” So we have to get at least two notifications, one for the moment the contact open/closes, and once again for when it is left open/closed after a set amount of time. I tried scrolling the wheel to “0 hour 0 min 0 sec,” but that does not work. The app just jumps back to the original set time. I guess I’m posting here for visibility and for the devs to add a broader customization to the notification setup. Thanks.

Request to have a repeated alerts/notification feature added.
I own 4 wyze cams and like them very much but during the night, one event notification just can’t wake me up during the sleep. It would be very helpful if the app allows to set an alert to be repeated a number of times. That would be a great feature to add.
Thank you for your support.

Persistent notifications from app or device

I have Apple devices and when I get notification its one beep. Yes I have Wyze notifications set to persistent on my devices.

But when I am away from my devices I don’t hear the beep. It would be nice if the notification sound was constant/repeated.

Especially if a “person” is detected. In some situations it is critical to act ASAP.