Biometric Handgun Safe (WiFi-enabled)

It would be a great product for Wyze to create a handgun safe that opens with a fingerprint and sends a tamper alert if unauthorized users are trying to open it. This would be a small safe that can be mounted either directly or secured with a cable. The main purpose of the safe would be to prevent children or others from having access to handguns but allowing them to be easily accessible in the event of a break-in. Having a quality biometric reader is key. There are other biometric gun safes out there, but not with a way to send an alert.

Gun Safe - almost perfect (needs Wi-Fi)

An almost perfect product that’s missing one key feature, Wi-Fi.

It’s important to be notified if someone is trying to open your gun safe. A key feature that stops me from purchasing this item is the inability to receive live alerts. If a child is trying to open the safe or your cleaning lady, you should always be notified, no matter where you are.

With Wi-Fi enabled, you can setup automation that in the even of a failed attempt to open the safe, would turn on your light bulbs, or your home speakers would make an announcement to scare the would-be intruder. This would be a key differentiator from any other product on the market.

To make this safe even more portable, it should have a huge rechargeable battery similar to the Wyze cameras that can be removed (from inside the safe for security purposes) and exchanged for a fresh fully charged battery.

Good luck “Wyze guys”!

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